Le Grande Karl

Monday marked an important day in Versailles, the unveiling of Karl's latest collection. Watching Chanel Resort 2013 left me lost for words, its Marie Antoinette fast forward into year 3013 in anime. The palette was mostly pastel with the most luxurious hand crafted material one can imagine. Ruffled white lace tiers that ran petticoat like down the side of full skirts,the hemlines, though, were distinctly modern.There was ultra modern swimwear, scoop-necked peasant sun dresses in horizontal panels of white cotton, a biker-tight black leather trouser/jacket ensemble and more culottes than you could imagine, and Chanel bouclé by the bucketload.

The collection was that of an outstanding one with a mixture of colours, styles and designs. Pairing the theatrical,voluminous powdered dresses with flatforms or flats gives the collection a rebel feel, and I liked that alot.

A bevy of models showed off their velvet CC 'beauty mark' logo on their cheekbones and pastel wigs where a staple along with coloured floppy hats. 

The Sun King's Garden was oozing with luxuriousness and showcased the exclusive collection to 200 people,including the likes of Anna Del Russo and of course Anna Wintour to name a few. 

Karl is the King of Fashion! Hail to the king!

To watch the full show click here

Love & Fashion,

Gayle xx


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