Go Green

Not so long ago I stumbled over an awesome group on facebook that sells amazing one of a kind handmade jewellery made with love by the ever so talented, Marcon Caruana. She introduced me to a tailor made jewellery service which I just cant get enough of, having something that is one of a kind makes her jewellery a little bit more special.

As a stylist myself, I love the fact of making something that is original and tailor made so obviously without a doubt I had to meet her and see her never ending jewellery line.

The good thing about her jewellery line is that you can wear them dressed up or down, throw them on jeans and a white tank top in summer, they will instantly dress up your outfit or wear them for any special occasion you will definitely turn heads.

Emerald Inceptions definitely lives up to its name, jewellery made with love!

Order your one of a kind jewellery, contact her now :)

Love & Fashion,

Gayle xx


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