Digital Age

Wore this to have brunch with my mom and spend the day at the flea market where I picked up an incredible silver ring that I must show you guys in detail soon. I really needed time to just relax; it feels like the last couple weeks have just been a marathon of work. Does anybody else have that one professor that just knows he's ruining your life by all the work he assigns, yet does't care at all? Yup. That's what I've got going now. I'm so excited for Spring Break next week.
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Also, P.S. saw a pre-screening of Grand Budapest Hotel last week and really I think it's some of Wes's finest work. Although it doesn't take the place of The Royal Tenenbaums in my heart, I really feel that everything Anderson has created up until this point has led to this film. Get ready for one funny, beautiful, anxiety-ridden adventure.

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