Ok, I am not referring to Russell Crowe in Gladiator or the movie 300 - I meant Gladiator Sandals.

They’re one of my favorite trends this summer. Everyone from superstars to the girl on the street can use them to make their own style statement. What’s great about gladiator sandals is that they’re totally versatile and come in all shapes and sizes. They can come with heels or as flats… and they can go as low as the ankle or as high as your knee. You can find them in every color of the rainbow. Just make sure that when you pick a pair, don’t just think about how they look on your feet… think about how they make your entire body look and make you feel like a warrior!
M: Anastasia Kolganova, P: Frederic Pinet, S: Nick Nelson (Harper's Bazaar Latin America June 2013)
M: Kama Broniszewska, P: Sol Sanchez, S; Natalia Bengoechea (Grazia Spain)
M: Karina Gubanova, P: Gabor Jurina (Fashion Canada April 2013)
M: Marloes Horst, P: Jason Kibbler, S Vanessa Coyle
M: Soo Joo, P: Hyea W. Kang (Vogue Korea June 2013)
M: Tiiu Kuik, P: David Roemer, S: Valentina Di Pinto (Glamour Italia April 2013)

I'm off to find the perfect pair ... This is Sparta! (got into it a bit too much)


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