Out and about this week I came across this abandoned colourful kiosk, when I thought....I should stop and take a few pictures for my dear readers YES! that's how much I love you guys :)

Dressing up for the Maltese weather at this time of year can be a little daunting for some,all you would want to do is lay back, throw on your bikini and kaftan and head to the beach, yes I know, trust me I get like that sometimes,but my inner fashionista kicks in and brings me back to my senses and convinces me not to - have you met her yet? She's an outrageous shopaholic, fashion lover and is not afraid to speak her mind, enough about her for now we will get back to her in a later post ( I lost it, speaking about my alter ego...I freak myself out sometimes)

In today's edition of What I Wore on a hot sunny day, I went for lightweight loose trousers from Zara in my favorite colour: fuchsia and paired it with a patterned vest from H&M,  topped my outfit with my signature silk turban scarf by Alexander McQueen, added one of my treasured ghetto fabulous necklaces that I bought from the Hed Kandi store - which you can also see here and finally finished the look off with two gold knuckle rings ala Michael Jackson HEE HEE WOH WOH *hand on crotch and right arm in the air*

Nails - Beauty by Gabby

Bag - Alexander McQueen

Photography by Karl Cutajar - Visit his awesome work here.


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