One thing that comes to people's minds when you talk about how much you are obsessing about overalls is - as my dad said and I quote 'What are you wearing, you look like a painter' or my dear close friends start singing MC Hammer's song 'Can't touch this!' So, my guess is that some people are not quite sure whether to embrace overalls or not but I am here to prove to you that these babies are 1) Versatile - I intend to wear them summer and winter AND 2) They are here to stay, so take that! HA! 

Take a look how I wore these bad boys out and about during the week.

It's a wrap!

Nails - Beauty by Gaby | Cap - Reason | White tee,Sandals & Necklace - Zara | Overalls - Asos | Clutch - Prada

Would you wear overalls now? Let me now.

Photos by Karl Cutajar - Take a look at his fantastic work here.


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