Give me my Braccialetti Cruciani!

Last Sunday I was invited by Sunlab to be their official blogger and cover the pink carpet of the successful TV series Il-Klikka which was showing at the Eden Cinemas. Sunlab sponsor Il-Klikka with the fantastic Braccialetti Cruciani that many celebs have been seen with lately, from the likes of Dita Von Teese, Belen Rodriguez, Heidi Klum, Stephen Dorff and Nelly Furtado to name a few.

The bracelets were born from an idea by Luca Caprai, owner of the brand Cruciani. This idea did not come by chance, in fact, the bracelets are made from needle lace macramé. The Caprai Textile Group is the leading company for the production of household linen embellished with lace and has the largest private museum collection of the Textile Arts in the world. It was one of the first companies to get the certificate "TF-Traceability & Fashion", the brand that identifies the traceability system of Italian Textile Fashion , thus ensuring it to be proudly Made in Italy since 1955. 

So, I headed down to the Eden Cinemas to get in with all the action and speak to the Maltese personalities that have been sporting the latest craze in bracelets…Cruciani what else! 

 It was such an eventful and fun night mingling with the actors and most of the people involved in an extremely great series in Malta, especially when I met all the enthusiastic and lovely girls of Il-Klikka. As soon as a hummer limo pulled up and the girls peeked through the sunroof, people wouldn't stop clapping and shouting the girls names. I was lucky enough to steal a moment of their time and expressed how much they love the bright lace Braccialetti Cruciani bands and wear them with almost everything.

 These candy bracelets come in a vast range of vibrant colours and styles, you can mix and match and wear more than one to create your own individual style, or even choose to wear them with your own jewellery and stack them on your arm, like I will be doing. Don’t be afraid to wear the Braccialetti with evening gowns (remember fashion has no boundaries you should have fun with it) or for the beach, the great thing about these bracelets is that you can swim with them and they remain intact, thanks to the good quality lace macramé. This is how I wore mine for the event..with a Michael Kors watch of course.

If you haven't got yours yet head to Sunlab in Sliema, The Point, Paola, Gozo, Baystreet and Valletta or you're missing out!


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