La Pelliccia


Hello again, Have you been yearning for another Autumn/Winter season as much as I have? I can’t wait to get cosy in front of my fireplace bundled up in layers of chunky knit..ahh the life :)


Monday I blogged about one of the trends for a/w, today it’s all about my second fav must have, FUR. Oh Yes! Im a sucker for fur I can’t see a shop that sells fur because I instantly gravitate to it like metal to a magnet. This is me in Poland.....

Daydreaming on which outfit to wear it on :)

One happy customer
Fur is another staple for winter wardrobes. Don’t worry if you’re anti-fur, you can still be fashionable in faux fur. It’s rich texture adds a certain touch to any kind of outfit for any event. Like leather, fur is versatile and can be worn on anything. Here are a few examples how I would wear fur.

Till next time amigos,

Love & Fashion,
Gayle xx


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