Spotty Leopard

Yesterday I posted an instacollage of an outfit I wore,some of you were asking about it so here is the full version. Blogger was giving me major headaches but I managed to solve it :)

Top - Massimo Dutti
Necklace - H & M
Leopard Pants - Zara
Watch - Marc Jacobs
Studded Leather Bracelet - Henry Haus
Bag - Alexander McQueen
Shoes - Diane Von Furstenberg

Mixing prints is fun and fresh, don't just stick to polka dots and leopard have fun with your outfits and spend some time mixing patterns till you develop your own style, my second fav is mixing 2 different floral prints together. This is a great outfit for meetings or for a fun night out with the girls, whatever you wear it for don't be afraid to experiment with patterns and colours, just be yourself!

Pictures were taken by Lama Photography like his page here.

Till next time..

Love & Fashion,
Gayle xx

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