Colour me good...

I have been asked what the next IT colour is for next season so I decided why not blog about it? :) Usually fall/winter clothing trends always have an IT colour, however for fall/winter 2012/2013 different colours are making a statement. This winter we will see different hues and more vibrant colours than previous seasons.  

I have grouped this year’s colours in 3 categories for you, Base, Cool & Warm.

Lanvin A/W 2012/2013

Base Colours are the colours that act as neutrals and they are Grey, Nude and Chocolate. These are basics that one must have to build their capsule wardrobe around, have a look at my previous blog post here

Marc Jacobs

Cool Colours that are in for next season are Purple, Blue, Green & Light Pink these give a sense of freshness and coolness to any outfit. 

Warm colours give any outfit an uber chic and luxurious look and these are Orange, Yellow and Red.

Interesting fact is warm colours absorb more energy and produce heat whereas cool colours reflect light. Warm colours can make something feel prominent and instantly makes us feel warm and oozes luxury, whilst cool colours make us feel fresh and gives us a sense of coolness.

If I had to choose one main colour that I super love for this year it definately has to be Mustard Yellow, its almost good enough to eat..Yum!!

Hope I have answered all your questions, now let me know what's your fav colour for this year?? :)

Love & Fashion,
Gayle xx


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