Tea & Spikes

Ok, so here's the deal, wearing high heels is definately one of my first loves but of courseI need my days off  where I can just wear flats or when I’m working on a shoot I have to be super comfortable. So the next best thing is to buy a pair of bright white converse, they are not only comfy but very versatile I love rocking them on a pair of skinny jeans and white tank super casual and chic.
Little did I know that they are getting a major makeover sometime soon.
I am always looking at garments and try to find ways how to be creative and make the garment look my own, in this case my shoes, so this is what I did with this blank canvas.  I boiled the kettle, grabbed a handful of tea bags, loctite glue and 2 bags of gold studs.  
For anyone who is interested to do the same here is what I did:-
Soak the teabags in a big bowl of boiling water, after 2 mins take out 1 teabag at a time and start dabbing on your plimsole, repeat this as many times as you want till you see an even colour and let them dry for a day.

If you want your laces the same colour just chuck them in a glass of boiling water with 4 – 5 teabags and let them soak. Next, the fun starts….have your gold spikes ready and your glue and get creative!  

There are so many ways you can be creative with white plimsoles, you can dye it any other colour and add different studs to it to make it your own. The inspiration behind mine was my love for gold and of course my everlasting love for spikes J
I hope I have answered all your questions.
Till next time..
Love & Fashion,
Gayle xx


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