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Ola Stylistas its been a while, I know I havent blogged on a regular basis but I have been uber busy with new projects which I will announce very soon hopefully and shoots, obviously!
A gurls' gotta to do what a gurl s'gotta do :P

Summer is officially here and our wardrobe definately needs some sprucing up after the knitted cardis we have all been sporting this winter, like everythng else our wardrobe needs cleaning on a regular basis,I mean, we dont have to wait for every season to come round to freshen it up we should always keep our wardrobe in check monthly. This will help you not only to know what you have, but it also helps you whilst you are shopping, you would know what you need and it will avoid buying something simply on impulse. Always ask yourself this important question before purchasing clothing/shoes  'Will I be able to wear this with 3 different garments in my wardrobe, to create 3 different outfits?' if the answer is Yes then its money well spent!

Here are a few important pointers to keep in mind when cleaning out your wardrobe;-

Step 1 – Alterations / Cleaning – These are all the ‘good’ garments that need altering or need to be cleaned, never neglect clothes, always make sure they are clean before putting them away, check if the hem needs altering or a button needs to be done take it to a seamstress right away before hanging it in your wardrobe.

Step 2 – Pile your clothes in sections:

   Section A –
In this pile you will find clothes that have not been worn in a year or more, if you haven’t worn something in a year you do not need it, so this must be given away to charity since you are not making any use of it.

  Section B –
In this pile are clothes that are old, torn or faded, these need to be thrown away and never looked at again.

  Section C –
Clothes that you will find in this pile are those that will never be worn again because style of clothing does not match your lifestyle,the colour and fit does not go with your complexion or body shape or clothing is no longer in fashion.

  Section D –
In this pile you will find clothes that you do use on a regular basis and suit your body shape, colour is right and the fit is right also and most of all in good condition.

Step 3 – Be Ruthless – When you have sectioned your clothes make sure you do not go back and review them, once they are in the pile they should stay there.

Step 4 – Organise, Organise & Organise some more – Organise your shoes and clothes by colour or by category. This will make it easier when choosing your outfit. 
After this major wardrobe weeding exercise you will probably find that your wardrobe appears empty by comparison at the end of the exercise but don’t worry. This is a very important step to make and the key to dressing well is to organise your wardrobe and have a limited number of well co-ordinated clothes. Make sure to do the same when it comes to your underwear, shoes and accessories.
If done right you will end up with something like this.....

Till next time...

Love & Fashion,
Gayle xx


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